We have opened a new house that has the capacity to house five or six international students and also visiting guests. The beautiful home is in a perfect location and provides a place for Bible studies as well as welcome events for many international students who may not be inclined to attend a meeting in a church building. We will also be able to minister to international visitors who stay for odd lengths of time and cannot sign a year-long lease. We often say, P.R.I.S.M. is a ministry of “strategic hospitality,” in other words, we want to genuinely care for the needs of international visitors while creating opportunities for meaningful spiritual discussions. The Hospitality House allows us to meet this most essential need while also blessing residents with a warm, welcoming atmosphere where they can quickly feel at home. So far we have be able to offer housing to several of international students and visiting scholars from various parts of the world.

      Every Thursday, house residents gather for a meal followed by a Bible study. It is wonderful to see Christians in the home sharing God's Word with others who have had little exposure to Christian teaching. House residents are planning some future social events to make more internationals aware of the house and to invite them to Bible study. The house is a great blessing in our work of strategic hospitality as we make an impact among the nations.Thank you to all who helped to make it possible.


If you know of an international student who would like the opportunity to live in one of our Hospitality Houses, contact Susannah Clarke for more details.