Friendship Partner

Friendship Partners is by far the most casual and entry-level of the three options under PRISM Connections. But that's not to say it isn't immensely impactful in the life of an international student. Building a consistent and intentional relationship with a student will have massive affects on their overall wellbeing, and we believe God works mightily in this context.

You can meet up for coffee between their classes, go shopping on the weekend, have them over for dinner, or anything fun they'd like to do! Not only will you build a friendship with your student, but you'll help them learn American culture, practice their English, and create lasting memories together. We only ask a few things of you: to hang out with your student at least once a month, to check in on them weekly, and to pray for them daily. And then, watch as God works in their lives!

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Bible Learning Partner

womens bible study

Bible Learning is a 6-week commitment where you and an international student will journey through one of four Bible reading plans that we'll offer to you. Sometimes we see students come to Pittsburgh that are surprisingly eager to learn, read, and discuss the Bible's message, and we want to provide a context for them to do that.

After you and your student are matched together, you can begin to meet and establish the details for your Bible Learning plan together. After the 6 readings are completed, the PRISM
Connections team will have a debrief meeting with you to discern the next best steps for that student. Join us in praying for God to draw students to an interest and curiosity in learning the message of Jesus!

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Mentorship is an 8-week commitment where you and an international student will journey  through a holistic and well rounded approach to mentorship. We believe mentorship addresses the whole person, not just workplace advancement. During those 8 weeks you'll cover the following topics: Getting to Know One Another, Self-Awareness, Career Advice, Work/Life Balance, Setting and Accomplishing Goals, Becoming a Better Friend/Choosing Friends Wisely, Dating and Marriage Advice, and How Faith and Spirituality Affects Your Work.

We have heard amazing testimonies from this program, and every Mentor/Mentee relationship looks different. Regardless of your age or field of work, you are probably a great mentor with so much wisdom and perspective to offer!

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