Friendship Partner®

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Did you know there are approximately 10,000 international students studying here in Pittsburgh? And only about 20% ever step foot in an American family's home, according to International Students Inc.  

YOU can help change these numbers! Through this program we connect you with a student or visiting scholar, giving you the opportunity to befriend someone you otherwise may never have met.  We ask that you: meet with them monthly, contact them weekly, pray for them, and commit to this for one year. 

Simply involve an international student or scholar in the everyday things in your life, such as picking a Christmas tree, weekend shopping excursion or hosting them for dinner!


Check out this list of Friendship Partner activity ideas!



Ready to be trained as a Friendship Partner®?

Watch this Friendship Partner Training video by International Students, Inc.


Friendship Partner(tm) Training from International Students, Inc. on Vimeo.



*International Students, Inc. owns the rights to the term "Friendship Partner" and has allowed PRISM to use it.